5 Reasons Pennine Manor Is Perfect For A Romantic Getaway

Nestled within breathtaking countryside, Pennine Manor Hotel offers an idyllic retreat for couples seeking that blissfully romantic escape. Here are some of our favourite features, and why we think we’re the perfect destination for the ultimate getaway with your special someone.

1. The Views

Surrounded by panoramic views, charming landscapes and tranquil ambience, our hidden gem is the ideal destination for creating unforgettable memories with your loved one. The sweeping vistas seen from our restaurant and bedrooms create a picturesque setting that exudes tranquility and romance. Walking hand-in-hand through the fields? Does it get much more romantic than that?

2. Our Bedrooms

As well as our standard bedrooms, we also offer our Superior Double for that added space and luxury. Our Superior Doubles come with a comfortable double bed, en-suite bathroom, complimentary tea, coffee and water, smart TV and more. And, if you let us know in advance that your stay is a special one, we can even add some extra decorations and finishing touches such as rose petals and prosecco to the room for you.

3. The Food

Our gorgeous restaurant and hilltop bar offer delicious menus and a cosy, intimate ambience that’ll make you feel like it’s just the two of you. All of our dishes are expertly crafted to truly tantalise the taste buds, and you can toast your love with a glass of fine wine as you contemplate how relaxed and comfortable you both are. As well as our standard menu, we also offer a truly delectable afternoon tea that you might opt for instead.

4. The Relaxation Factor

While some people choose to visit us for our wealth of local active pursuits, just as important is our secluded location. Sit outside the restaurant with a glass or two of bubbly, or sprawl across the wild grasses with a picnic and simply admire the view and each other. We want to ensure you have the

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