Honouring Loved Ones: Funerals at Pennine Manor

In the heart of Yorkshire, Pennine Manor stands as a beacon of solace and tranquillity. The picturesque hills and serene vistas offer a comforting backdrop to honour and remember loved ones during their final farewell. At a time when compassion and understanding are of the essence, Pennine Manor provides an exceptional service, tailored to honour the departed with the grace and reverence they deserve.

With its two splendid function rooms, Pennine Manor has hosted many special occasions, from grand banquets to intimate gatherings. The importance of commemorating the life of a loved one is deeply understood, and our dedicated staff ensures that each funeral service is held with the utmost dignity and care.

The Hilltop Restaurant is an embodiment of elegance. Overlooking the expansive Yorkshire landscapes, it presents a serene setting for formal dining accommodating up to 100 guests, or a buffet-style setting for up to 150 attendees. This setting not only offers a calming atmosphere but also ensures that guests are given the space to come together, reminisce, and provide solace to one another.

For those seeking a more intimate space, the Branson Suite stands ready. Outfitted with a private bar, it holds the capacity for 100 guests, whether for formal dining or buffet style. The sense of privacy and discretion provided by the Branson Suite ensures that families and friends can share their memories and console each other in peace.

Beyond the scenic views and impeccable facilities, it is the thoughtful services provided by Pennine Manor that truly set it apart. Our devoted managers and staff are known for their discreet yet attentive service. On this profound occasion, every detail matters, and our team strives to ensure everything is executed to perfection.

The planning process, though emotional, is made easier with the support of Pennine Manor’s dedicated Banqueting and Events team. They collaborate closely with families, aiding in menus, room layouts, and ensuring that the day proceeds without a hitch. Amongst the options available, guests can choose from formal three-course banquets, convenient buffets, or delicate afternoon teas.

In moments of grief and reflection, Pennine Manor stands as a pillar of support, dedicated to making the remembrance of loved ones a meaningful experience. For those looking to hold a commemorative service marked by elegance, comfort, and utmost care, Pennine Manor extends its warm embrace.

To learn more or to make arrangements for a funeral service, do not hesitate to reach out to Pennine Manor.

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