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The Best Travel Apps for Your Yorkshire Holiday

When you think about the capacity of travel apps, you’d be forgiven for jumping straight to the conclusion that many of them are actually only relevant in major cities. However, there’s no reason you can’t make the best use of a whole host of useful apps for a more rural holiday in our region too. Here are just a few of our personal favourites!

Before Your Visit


Worried you might forget to pack something? Packpoint is your new best friend. The way this app works is simple. You pop in your destination, length of stay and planned activities and it brings up a comprehensive packing list for you to ensure you don’t miss anything important.


Pinterest is your own, personal pin-board. You can find so many links to travel blogs on this app, and it’s completely free to sign up. Get inspired by other people’s pictures, save them to your own board, and create a personalised list of interesting links just for you and your trip. Another user might have been somewhere you haven’t found in a more traditional travel guide, and they can usually explain how you can get there yourself.


Tripadvisor is great for travel planning. Not only does it offer a list of attractions and paid experiences at your chosen destination, but you can read guest reviews too to check it’s really for you. Knowing what activities you might like to do beforehand can save a lot of time when you arrive and allow you to pre-plan your routes.


Are you going to be a passenger on a long car or train journey? Add a range of articles on a vast array of topics to your Pocket app and have reading and listening materials aplenty to pass the time while you make your way to our hotel or your day-out destination.

During Your Visit

BBC Weather

This one should be a given. Knowing what kind of weather you can expect is incredibly important when planning out your day, especially if you’re hoping to spend a lot of time outdoors and at the mercy of the elements.

Google Maps

Google Maps is relevant whatever the destination, and can definitely help you find your way if you get a little lost exploring our stunning surroundings.


For those hoping to go hiking in areas that might not have a strong-enough signal to make full use of Google Maps in a pinch, ViewRanger is an excellent offline tool for mapping your route and navigating trails. It will even record your tracks, and allow you to find other people or vice versa should you somehow find yourself in a jam.


Unlike some apps that don’t hold enough data for smaller towns, AroundMe is handy tool wherever you are. You’ve just got to Huddersfield and want a bite to eat? Let AroundMe pinpoint all the nearest cafes. Need some quick cash? Bam. A list of nearby banks at your fingertips. You can even see what films and shows are happening around you too. When exploring anywhere unfamiliar, trust us, this app is your best friend.

UK Bus Checker

Our peaceful location means most of our guests drive to us, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t also public transport options available to you. With UK Bus Checker, you can receive live updates and route maps from any stop in the whole country, helping you to get around with relative ease.


One of the great things our region has going for us is our beautiful landscapes, meaning you’re going to want to take A LOT of pictures. With Instagram, you can immortalise your favourite snaps online alongside their location and any extra details you might want to remember, whilst also becoming the envy of all your friends. What’s not to love?

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